Colors 15-20 Griffin Silk Cord 2 Packets (4.5 yards). Beading String Beading Wire with needles attached. Silk Thread / Silk String Shopify

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Two packets of Griffin Silk string made with 100% silk. Needle is attached, so no need to buy an extra needle (1 needle per packet). This is made perfect for knotting.

- Style: Beading Cord
- Brand: Griffin
- Length: 2 Meters / 6.5 Feet Per Card
- Material: Silk (100%)
- Made in Germany
- Sold by 2 Packets (4 meters / 13 feet) per order.

Information: In the last picture you can see the difference between size 16 and size 10 on a bead. Size 16 or size 12 is usually the size you'd need for knotting on most beads with standard hole size. Keep in mind holes for pearls are usually smaller so you need a thinner size like size 6 or Size 8. Size 8 and 10 is usually the standard size for a necklace but depends on the size of the hole.

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