NATURAL Light Green aquamarine faceted round beads in full strands. 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm- Full 15.5 Inch Strand- Wholesale Pricing

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*Material: Natural Aquamarine
*Shape: Faceted Round

*Strand Length: 15.5 inches long
*Pieces per strand: Please refer below for sizes and count. All pieces are approximate pieces.
Round and Faceted Round
-4mm: 91 pieces
-6mm: 64 pieces
-8mm: 48 pieces
-10mm: 38 pieces
-12mm: 32 pieces
-14mm: 28 pieces

Roundel and Faceted Roundel
-4mm: 142 pieces
-6mm: 99 pieces
-8mm: 80 pieces
-10mm: 62 pieces

Gemstone Facts
Aquamarine (from Latin: aqua marina, "water of the sea") is a blue or turquoise variety of beryl. It occurs at most localities which yield ordinary beryl. The gem-gravel placer deposits of Sri Lanka contain aquamarine. Clear yellow beryl, such as that occurring in Brazil, is sometimes called aquamarine chrysolite.[citation needed] The deep blue version of aquamarine is called maxixe. Maxixe is commonly found in the country of Madagascar. Its color fades to white when exposed to sunlight or is subjected to heat treatment, though the color returns with irradiation.
The pale blue color of aquamarine is attributed to Fe2+. The Fe3+ ions produce golden-yellow color, and when both Fe2+ and Fe3+ are present, the color is a darker blue as in maxixe. Decoloration of maxixe by light or heat thus may be due to the charge transfer Fe3+ and Fe2+.[9][10][11][12] Dark-blue maxixe color can be produced in green, pink or yellow beryl by irradiating it with high-energy particles (gamma rays, neutrons or even X-rays).[13]
In the United States, aquamarines can be found at the summit of Mt. Antero in the Sawatch Range in central Colorado. In Wyoming, aquamarine has been discovered in the Big Horn Mountains, near Powder River Pass. In Brazil, there are mines in the states of Minas Gerais, Espírito Santo, and Bahia, and minorly in Rio Grande do Norte. The mines of Colombia, Zambia, Madagascar, Malawi, Tanzania and Kenya also produce aquamarine.
The largest aquamarine of gemstone quality ever mined was found in Marambaia, Minas Gerais, Brazil, in 1910. It weighed over 110 kg, and its dimensions were 48.5 cm (19 in) long and 42 cm (17 in) in diameter.[14] The largest cut aquamarine gem is the Dom Pedro aquamarine, now housed in the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of Natural History.[15]


Hole Sizes (Most beads...NOT ALL):

4mm: about 0.5 to 0.6mm
6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm: about 1mm


PLEASE NOTE: We will not reimburse for the following issues:

- If the name on the price tag does not match name of in the listing. This does not mean the wrong item is sold or is misrepresented.

- We will not accept a return if the hole size of a bead does not fit your string or if the hole size is too small or too large. Bead hole size is not grounds for return or reimbursement.

- Please note that not all beads on every strand are going to be perfect.
At our price point, we do not reimburse for a few defective beads on a strand. That is not to say we will be unreasonable if a strand is significantly flawed.

- Not everything is going to match perfectly to what you see on your monitor or your phone. This is part of buying jewelry and beads online. Please understand this before purchasing. If you do not think something matches what you see on your screen and want to return an item, unfortunately, we will sometimes have to take a subjective stance on whether it can be returned or not. Please be OK with this before purchasing.

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- We try to be as accurate as possible with bead size and strand length in the description, however, due to many factors we will not reimburse for slight bead size differences (0.8mm and under) nor strand length differences (1 inch shorter or less). Especially if the bead is a low priced, say $5, strand. If it is an expensive bead please message us and we will try to work something out. We will try to be as reasonable as possible.

- Also, most beads are made of natural stones and will have color variations. We try our best to have the picture be the closest representation of the stone you are getting. However it is not feasible to get an exceptional representation every time. Therefore, unless the strand is significantly different in color from the natural variations a stone can have, we will not reimburse for slight color variations, differences in color textures, and/or differences in color transparencies. That is not to say we will not be reasonable and work with you if something does not meet your standards. However, in some cases, we will have to make an arbitrary decision on this and other matters.

- Sometimes a new batch of items will have slight variations in color or something else to the original batch in the picture. We do NOT always take a new pictures for every new batch of items that comes in, even if it looks slightly different from the original batch in color or whatnot. Please understand this before you purchase.

- Will not compensate, replace, or refund for slight imperfections, defects, or damages such as paint chipping, scratches, slight color variations from photo, and/or minor detail issues or minor damages. If you want to replace them buyer has to ship them back at their own expense. Please understand this before you purchase.

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