Natural Quartz Points Shards A+ Small Quartz Crystal Needle Points, Choose Quantity (Raw Quartz Crystals for Jewelry

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Approximate Dimensions:
1/3" - 1.75" tall and 1/10"-1/4" diameter / 1 - 4.5 cm tall, and 2-6 mm diameter (approximately)

1 inch = 25.4 mm
1 pound = 453.6 grams

***Your crystals will be sent in a MIX of these sizes. Keep in mind that larger crystals weigh more, so we send you both small and large crystals to give you more points. If you have *general* requests, please leave a note for us when placing your order!***

***Please note that these are raw crystals, so not all of the points are going to be perfect. They are picked at random, and you will receive a similar lot to the ones pictured. There will also be color variations due to iron in the earth, with some points being a shade of red or yellow. Leave a note when checking out if you need all clear/white points.