Gold Filled Chain by the Foot, - USA Made -Beaded Chain, Satellite Chain, Bar chain, Cable chain, Perfect For Permanent Jewelry- Made in USA

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● These chains are 14/20 which means they are 14K gold filled and are at least 5% real gold by weight.

● This chain is made in the USA. It is the best quality gold filled chain that is available!

● This is the *only* type of chain that can be used for permanent jewelry.

Each order is for 1 foot / 12 inches

These chain will be continues length under 5 feet and mostly all the time even over 5 feet. If we do not have the chain in a continuous piece we will reach out to you about it. Thank you.

Chain width approximation:
#1 3.5mm
#2 3.00mm
#3 2.00mm
#6 2.00mm

Jump rings used to attach these chains

For permanent jewelry, use 22 gauge jump rings. It is the easiest and the best ones to use.

* Will not compensate, replace, or refund for slight imperfections, defects, or damages such as paint chipping, scratches, slight color variations from photo, and/or minor detail issues or minor damages. If you want to replace them buyer has to ship them back at their own expense. Please understand this before you purchase.
Sizes for all items is an approximation.