10 Chunky Chakra Stones Set (X-Large): 10 Natural Stones (Healing Stones, Rough Stones, Healing Crystals)

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This super value set includes 7 Natural Raw Gemstones selected for their individual properties and alignment to the 7 Chakras. Each set includes:

* 7 Chakra Crystals as detailed below. Each Crystal is about 1" - 2" in size (approx).

Many gemstones are actually suitable by color or association with more than one Chakra. Amethyst and Clear Quartz are the most commonly interchangeable between the Chakras. There are some great internet articles not only on general Chakra stones but on the specific uses of the individual stones we have included in the set. For this set here is the correspondence information:

Amethyst - Third Eye (Brow) Chakra
Citrine - Solar Plexus Chakra
Clear Quartz - Crown Chakra
Obsidian - Root and Solar Plexus Chakra
Rose Quartz - Heart Chakra
Howlite - Crown Chakra
Green Aventurine - Heart Chakra
Lapis Lazuli - Throat and Third Eye (Brow) Chakra
Tiger's Eye - Navel Chakra
Smokey Quartz - Root Chakra