8pcs Matte Gold Earring Earrings stud findings High Quality Matte Gold Plating 8pcs/4 pairs

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Material: Brass

nickel, lead, and cadmium free.
All earrings come with rubber or metal back.


a- 8x21mm : No loop
b-15mm: No Loop
c-11m: Loop in front
d- 25mmx2mm: Loop in front
e- 12mm: Loop in back
f-17mm: Loop in back
g-10mm: no Loop
h- 4x6mm: Loop in back
i- 15mm: Hole in front
j- 11x14mm: Loop in front
k- 14mm: Loop in back
l- 9x13mm: No loop
m- 12mm: No loop
n- 14mm: Loop in back
o- 12mm: Loop in back

Plating: gold plating
Sizes for all items is an approximation.
We do not guarantee that the tone of any of our gold items will match. Gold plated and/or gold filled items will always vary from batch to batch and factory to factory depending on the whims of the manufacturer. Therefore, we do not guarantee that any of our gold items will be a certain color.