8pcs Matte Gold Earring Earrings stud findings High Quality Matte Gold Plating 8pcs/4 pairs

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Material: Brass

nickel, lead, and cadmium free.
All earrings come with rubber or metal back.


a- 8x21mm : No loop
b-15mm: No Loop
c-11m: Loop in front
d- 25mmx2mm: Loop in front
e- 12mm: Loop in back
f-17mm: Loop in back
g-10mm: no Loop
h- 4x6mm: Loop in back
i- 15mm: Hole in front
j- 11x14mm: Loop in front
k- 14mm: Loop in back
l- 9x13mm: No loop
m- 12mm: No loop
n- 14mm: Loop in back
o- 12mm: Loop in back

Plating: gold plating
Sizes for all items is an approximation.