ASTROS PITCHER Lance McCullers's Black Necklace- Natural Black Spinel Necklace 22 Inches- Houston Astros- Sterling Silver-Very Sparkly!

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Houston Astros's Black Necklace
Very sparkly!!!!

Genuine 925 Sterling Silver clasp

Stone: Spinel
Stone Size: 4mm

The shine from spinel looks just like diamonds.
Until recently, spinel was an underappreciated gem with little consumer recognition. Increasing demand for ruby alternatives rekindled appreciation for spinel’s rich red color and history. In ancient times, southeast Asia’s mines yielded exceptional large spinel crystals, which became the treasured property of kings and emperors, often passing through many hands as spoils of war.
Spinel was recently added as an August birthstone, sharing this month with peridot and sardonyx. It has long been mistaken for ruby by emperors and monarchs. Many of the famous “rubies” of history were actually spinels.
Ready to wear!

As with any jewelry, this is not recommended to be worn while playing sports or any heavy activity. Will not compensate if you break it!
Sizes for all items is an approximation.

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