Cute Short Suede TASSEL Tassles High Quality 1.8 inches 3 pieces

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3 pcs of Suede tassel, with extra heavy gauge open gold ring attached.

Size: 9mm thick
Ring size: 10mm
Length: about 1.8 inches long
Amount: 3 pieces per order***

***Please note, we can not mix the colors on these packs. All packs are pre-packed 3 to a pack of the same color.

* Will not compensate, replace, or refund for slight imperfections, defects, or damages such as paint chipping, scratches, slight color variations from photo, and/or minor detail issues or minor damages. If you want to replace them buyer has to ship them back at their own expense. Please understand this before you purchase.
Sizes for all items is an approximation.

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