Premium One Pound Crystal Crystals Medium Tumbled Stones Beautiful Mix Chakra Stones Natural Carnelian Rose Quartz Green Aventurine - 1 lb

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You get one pound of Premium Medium Tumbled Similar to the ones pictured.

Approximately 33 plus stones. All sizes are an estimation. Some are smaller, some are bigger. Will not compensate/refund for size issues.

This is a possible stone list and may exclude some or have some others.

Possible stones amethyst, picture jasper, tiger eye, carnelian, prehnite, aventurine, amazonite, botswana agate, rose quartz, leopard skin jasper, quartz, snowflake obsidian, sodalite, blue quartz, agate, jasper, blue tiger eye, rhodonite, jasper, goldstone, rhodonite, dalmatian jasper, jasper and others.

PLEASE NOTE there will be some with inclusions, some with dings and bangs, some that are not perfect, some that are not round, some that are not polished all the way, some that are scuffed, and possible other defects.