Carnelian heart crystal necklace

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1 pendant with carnelian necklace


Associated Crystals: Amber, orange jasper and red jasper.
Candle Color: Orange.
Chakra: Solar plexus.
Element: Fire.
Flowers & Plants: Carnation, chrysanthemum and peony.
Herbs - Incenses - Oils: Copal, frankincense and orange.
Planet: Sun.
Zodiac: Leo.
Metaphysical Properties & Uses:

Animals: Carnelian can be used to quieten aggressive animals and to encourage timid ones.
Children: It will inspire courage and act as a balancer for sensitive children and teenagers.
Environment: Use it to help preserve ancient and sacred sites.
Finance & Prosperity: Carnelian should be placed in a fish tank to attract wealth.
Health & Healing: It is a blood cleanser and will help to stimulate a healthy appetite as well as increase physical energy. it can help relieve PMS and menopausal symptoms and is a stone of both female fertility and male potency. Carnelian can help relieve addictions of all kinds.
Home: Carnelian will help you to make decisions and to profit from all forms of buying and selling. It's will also bring abundance in every way to your home and family.
Love: Use carnelian in all love rituals. It will help to rekindle all increase passion that has faded within a relationship.
Protection: It is protective against fire, storm and evil of all kinds and should be placed near entrances to your home. It is protective against psychic intrusion.
Psychic: Carnelian should be used as a focus for past-life of work and for finding twin souls. It will act as a shield and help prevent attempted psychic intrusion.
It Is The Stone Of: Anyone wishing to get pregnant, buyers, sellers, traders and DIY enthusiasts.
Ritual: Use it for all love and passion rituals. Fire magic will be more effective if a red candle is circled with carnelians.
Work: It should be placed on your desk at work to help radiate positive energy.

The Arab peoples consider the carnelian one of the stones of kings. The stone's rich, warm color often links it to projective, proactive energies associated with lions and fire. Traditionally, the stone lends courage to those in need and helps with public speaking.