TEN 10 Packets Griffin Silk Cord (66 feet). Beading String With needles attached. Silk Thread / String. All Colors and sizes! Ten packets.

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Ten packets of Griffin Silk string made with 100% silk. Needle is attached, so no need to buy an extra needle (1 needle per packet). This is made perfect for knotting.

(Per packet:)
- Style: Beading Cord
- Brand: Griffin
- Length: 2 Meters / 6.5 Feet Per Card
- Material: Silk (100%)
- Made in Germany
- Sold by 10 Packets (20 meters / 66 feet) per order.

Information: In the last picture you can see the difference between size 16 and size 10 on a bead. Size 16 or size 12 is usually the size you'd need for knotting on most beads with standard hole size. Size 8 and 10 are the standard sizes for necklaces.

Looking For specific glue, here is the listing.

Sizes for all items is an approximation.